Enhanced Business Model Canvas

If you link the operating model canvas with the business model canvas, you get an enhanced business model canvas that has Processes, Organization, Information, Location and Suppliers in place of Key Activities, Key Resources and Key Partners.


The great strength of this enhanced canvas is that the left-hand side is focused on the processes (the middle arrow) – the value chain of work steps needed to deliver the value proposition.  It is then easy to think about how the other elements – organization, information, location and suppliers (the four boxes around the arrow on the left-hand side) –  can be designed so that they support the main work steps in delivering the value proposition.

The other strength of this enhanced canvas is that it directly addresses important issues such as people, organization structure, location and information systems that are critical to the operating model, but often given too little attention when thinking about the business model.

The book Value Proposition Design enhances the right-hand side of the Canvas adding dimensions such as the customer’s needs, pains and gains.  The book Operating Model Canvas enhances the left-hand side adding dimensions such as the value chain, organization and location.